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Welcome to Blitz BBQ, we were established in the year 2022, shortly after the great paradigm shift brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, we have been striving to supply our customers with tasty and affordable homestyle meals that has a fast food twist. 

Vision Statement

To establish a culinary connection with all our guests while embodying an environment that promotes family, stimulates social bonding and helps create fond food memories one serving after the next.


Mission Statement

Offering our patrons a premier fast-casual dining experience with an emphasis on homestyle cooking that is both tasty and affordable.

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Our Story

Even though the business was established in the year 2022, the journey to reach to this point started a long time before that. Rewind to the year 2017 when two strangers met while doing an EMT course and they immediately "hit it off" becoming "boyfriend and girlfriend" shortly after. As time progressed, the woman told the man that prior to meeting him, she did BBQ's by picking up small orders  and cooking the food herself, paying someone to deliver it and paying someone to work the BBQ pit for her, since she was around the age of 17 years. In an attempt to help his significant other save some cash and to impress her of course, the man told her the next BBQ she is having, he would both work the BBQ pit and do the deliveries as he himself had food experience due to helping his mother (who has over two decades of experience in the food industry) sell and make souse, bake & shark and other culinary items since he was around 10 years of age.


Fast forward to 2018, the couple would continue to have BBQ's by order only every 3 to 4 months as their clientele grew from 30 to 50 to 75 and even reaching as much as 150 orders at its peak. During that time, they received rave reviews about the taste and the quality of the food. In  mid 2019, the couple tried something a bit different and hosted a Burger & Beers event, it did not perform as well as the BBQ's did and their customers were calling for another BBQ to be done again, to which they obliged. 

Fast forward again to the year 2020 and the pandemic hits. No BBQ's for an entire year! In 2021 the young couple got married and as the Covid-19 restrictions began to relax a bit, they resumed their quarterly BBQ sales. Finally, in the year 2022 the newlyweds decided to take their BBQ operation to the next level. They conducted an electronic survey with their existing clientele, to ensure there is enough demand for daily BBQ sales. The response was overwhelming as 93% of their clients indicated that they are interested in buying food more than twice per week. Their clients even went as far as to say that "anyone who tastes y'all food is going to like it"! At that moment Blitz BBQ was born, the couple decided to rent a location to launch their BBQ brand and the rest is history.


We are always ready and excited to serve you! Call, Whatsapp or eMail us so that we can create a food friend relationship.

     (868) 722-5260           (868) 217-6388

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